Can ocean surveillance and patrolling curb drug-trafficking?

The Arabian Sea has been one of the many avenues for the rapid rise of global trade and services butconversely has also been a ready pathway for the actionof many transnational organised crime groups. Curbing these transnational groups has been a crucial priority for both coastal and landlocked States across the globe as they pose a threat not only to national security but also to the legal trade and commerce across the globe.

Rise of Narco-Terrorism in India : An Open Secret

Today, June 26th 2021, as the world observes, yet another International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, India is seeing a new paradigm of linkages between drug traffickers and terror groups. Till recently, state sponsors provided funding for terrorists.

Spike in Drug Trafficking Reflecting in Increased Destabilisation Activities

In recent times narcotics drug seizures are exponentially increasing across the country. Most enforcement agencies are reporting more detection of clandestine movement of drugs than in the past. Simultaneously, organized internal disturbances, are happening with an increased vigor and long spells of duration.

Modi storm will turn Jinping’s “China dream” into a “China Nightmare”

China has silently stretched over the last decade a String of Pearls, a network of military and commercial facilities developed by them in countries falling on the Indian Ocean between the Chinese mainland and Port Sudan.It is a strategic encirclement of India, a carefully crafted designing that has been going on for the past several years.

Mangalore City of the Young

Angry Himalayas


The Journey to Make India a Drug-free Country

Dr G Shreekumar Menon is a renowned international counter narcotics specialist. Having trained thousands of Customs, Police, Military, Coast Guard and foreign enforcement agents, he has a powerful vision of how to cripple the illicit drug network as also to use it to foil enemy incusions and destabilize enemy countries.

The fields of his work is varied, having core specialization in Narcotics & Psychotropic substances, Counter Narcotics, Narco-terrorism, Customs anti smuggling operations, rummaging operations, intelligence operations, counter intelligence, maritime drug interdiction operations, nuclear non-proliferation studies, identifying dual use items, hidden secrets of aviation science in ancient India, motivation classes, anti stress strategies and scientific interpretation of Hinduism.

Stay beautiful for a life time, keep away from party drugs

Narcotics trafficking in India is a full-blown national threat, yet it has not been designated as a perceptible threat factor. Narcotics addiction, trafficking and terror financing are the lifeline of terror organizations. In the year 2017, the narcotics business has multiplied several manifolds in the country. Clandestine operations and sales of Hard narcotics, ever growing business of Psychotropic substances, large scale trafficking by air, land and sea, terror financing, money laundering, Hawala operations, human trafficking, are all complex issues faced by many nations including India.

Interdiction efforts by various enforcement agencies across the country results in everyday seizures of drugs, counterfeit currency, fake Indian currency, and clandestine export-import of banned and prohibited drugs. Every year there is growing upward trend in seizures and confiscations.

Narco-terrorism is the primary source of funding of terror operations in sensitive border areas, and militant uprising in several states. A large number of youth are on the pay roll of enemy agents and foreign intelligence agencies to subvert large geographical areas into drug havens and transit zones.

Designer drugs are a big challenge across the globe. Myriads of combinations of powerful designer drugs are flooding the markets sporting fanciful names and shapes. The film industry and fashion industry are in the grip of this new scourge. Youth are entranced by this new trend and indulge in it in rave parties, music festivals and night clubs.

To combat the menace of narcotic drugs, he has set up the Yenepoya Narcotics Educational Foundation of India (YENFI) , a not for profit NGO under the auspices of YENEPOYA (Deemed to be University) and under it Mission Angel Dust. Seminars, Workshops and Guest lectures are being regularly organized for the benefit of students and enforcement officials.

Gross National Happiness: Imparting Humanistic Values in Higher Education

In the fifth annual World Happiness Report, released by the United Nations in 2017, India ranked at the 122nd spot, way below its South Asian neighbours like Pakistan (80th), Bhutan (97th), Nepal (99th), Bangladesh (110th) and Sri Lanka (120th).

The European countries grabbed the top spots with Norway in the first position, followed by Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland and Finland.

The report took several factors to determine a country's happiness. These are the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per person, healthy life expectancy, the feeling of support from the society in the time of need, freedom of making own life choices, corruption in the society and government, and generosity amongst the people.

Though the GDP of the country hasn't been doing well, the list is not determined by the GDP alone. When the other indicators are considered, India still is struggling to maintain a balance.

Some of the eminent problems in India include long working hours. The data reveals that Indians have the longest working hours with 52 hours per week on an average. The Indians rank fourth in the most vacation-deprived workforce. The increasing pollution, depreciating health and growing number of scams have all contributed to making the Indians unhappy. Indians are often considered to be the most over-tired and over-worked people in the world.

Trying to build value in a person’s life, especially for those who are still young and are students, can change this picture. Imparting humanistic values in everyday thinking and actions can help them see a new dawn, and lead a fulfilling life. Teaching students to be compassionate, kind, merciful and forgiving can transform listless lives into wonderful human beings. As Registrar in one of the top hundred Universities in India, he is imparting knowledge about the factors contributing to Gross National Happiness.

Aviation Science in Ancient India

The hidden knowledge about the esoteric Vymaanika Shastra and the amazing flying machines described in it is his forte. Aliens, UFO’s, Inter stellar travel, are all the amazing stuff embedded in the pages of Maharishi Bharadwaaja’s Vymaanika Shastra. Many of the unique types of aircrafts and the technological feats that they performed are still not within our expertise and advancement. Dr.Shreekumar Menon gives illuminating lectures in engineering colleges to motivate young engineers to derive intellectual stimulus and inspiration from ancient technological knowledge.

Motivation Classes and Anti Stress Mechanisms

He is an amazing motivational speaker drawing analogy and inspiration from an amazing repertoire of epics, science, psychology, and history. He is a regular speaker in Corporate Houses, Management Schools and educational institutions.

Books Published


: Chasing The Dragon – A treatise on Narcotics
: A Flame in Sunlight – Collection of English Poems
: An Orbit of a Thousand Years – Collection of English Poems
: English – Japanese Word Exchanger


: Rave - Parties – Party Drugs
: Role of Sniffer Dogs in Narcotics Detection
: Slogan Book on Anti - Narcotics Theme


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